Greg Warren

Here is a little information about myself so that you will know a little bit more about me. My previous teaching experience includes 2 years teaching 6th grade in a brick and mortar setting,  and then continuing to teach part time about computer programs for another year. I have taught 5th and 6th grade full time  here at ACVCS, and also before that taught 7th and 8th grader literature as a part time teacher. 
I attended Boise State University for most of my college experience, but also attended Northwest Nazarene back when it was called Northwest Nazarene College. 
I have had a variety of other work experiences including working for Advocates for Inclusion as an IBI therapist, Supervising at Micron Technology, the Idaho State School and Hospital, and a variety of other jobs. I am very happy to now be working at a terrific school that is on the cutting edge of education. I believe as technology continues to increase we as educators must continue to grow and adapt. I think all students want to succeed but what can help them to be successful is to meet them where they are at and to provide them with the right tools and experience. 
When I am not working as a teacher I do enjoy being a grandfather and keeping in touch with my children which are all older than 23. I still teach childrens Sunday School, and ead the singing  on Sunday nights. I   like to watch Boise State play football, go to movies, work out lifting wieghts, and occassionallly cut fire wood for the winter.