Heidi Friend

Years of Teaching Experience:  16

3 Years Elementary/Jr. High School Counselor, 13 years Special Education (6th grade/ Jr. High/High School)

Education Philosophy:

It has been stated before “children are unique individuals that learn in unique ways”. It is my desire as a teacher to help students meet their fullest potential by providing a secure, stimulating and caring atmosphere, one in which children can grow and mature emotionally, socially, and intellectually. Although I am their advocate, it is important for me to teach them advocacy skills so they can be their own advocate and become a productive member of society.


BA from Idaho State University (Secondary Education Health/Sociology)

MA from Boise State University (School Counseling)

Standard Exceptional Child Generalist K-12-Northwest Nazarene University (Special Education)

Long Term Goals: 3

1. To be happy in all aspects of my life by keeping a positive attitude when things get tough or don’t go according to planned.

2. To keep my passion and drive alive for those students who struggle and need a little extra TLC.

3. When I am a senior, I would like to compete in another body building competition or become a Sun City West, AZ  Pom Pom girl. :)


My favorite pastimes are spending time with my kids, walking and playing in the river with my dogs and boating with friends. In addition, I LOVE playing tennis and enjoy participating in and watching most sporting events