Jeff Brown 

Years of Teaching Experience: ten

Jeff Brown.jpg

Education Philosophy: When students study what they are interested in, study materials that are appropriate to their level of preparedness, and study in an atmosphere that is fun and engaging, the work of learning is diminished and greater achievements are made possible. For this reason I strive to offer a challenge to students while keeping in mind that learning can be (and should be) fun.

Education: I graduated with a B.S. in Zoology, a B.A. in Anthropology, am a certified ESL teacher, and I am currently studying for a Master's in Education.

Long Term Goals: My long term goals include studying the traditional and modern cultures of Native Americans, observing Brazilian and other South American cultures, and publishing my writings on teaching and cross-cultural communication.

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: I love to cycle. Riding my bicycle gives me space to think, some exercise every day, and it is both economically and environmentally sound. Best of all, riding a bike is fun! I also like to play games, especially chess and scrabble. I welcome a game, so challenge me to one sometime. Lastly, I really enjoy playing frisbee. I like to play both regular frisbee games and disc golf. Nampa has many great parks for throwing around a frisbee.