Laura Sandidge 

Years of Teaching Experience: 25+

Education Philosophy: All children deserve to have a quality education that fully meets their needs. All children and adults deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 


Education: Dr. Sandidge's education began with a BA from Boise State University providing her with degrees in both Special Education and History. After several years of teaching and taking other classes as well, Dr. Sandidge went back to get her master's at Boise State University in Diagnosing and Solving Reading Issues. Ultimately, Dr. Sandidge completed her university studies at University of Idaho with a Ph.D. in Special Education and Administration. Dr. Sandidge has completed post doctoral coursework on Educational Leadership. 

Long Term Goals: I have three long term goals:

1. To celebrate the successful ten, fifteen, and twenty year anniversary with Another Choice Virtual Charter School!

2. To provide the best education to students in Idaho!

3. To enjoy my life and my grandchildren and see five plus great-grandchildren. 

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: Dr. Sandidge loves to spend time with her five grandchildren and their parents. She has a great interest in learning and exploring as well. Her combined love for children and cultures has propelled Dr. Sandidge into training orphanage workers in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Africa, and Myanmar on how to work with children with developmental and behavioral disabilities. Dr. Sandidge states, "God has been amazingly gracious to me to allow me to have a wonderful family and a fantastic career! I am truly thankful." Dr. Sandidge wrote the original charter for Another Choice Virtual Charter School and has been fully involved in the school always. It was a dream of hers, she states, "I love this school. There have been so many people who have done wonderful things to get this school where it is now and we are just starting! I can't wait to see the 20 year anniversary! It will be awesome!"