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Laureli Christensen 

Years of Teaching Experience: Total: 20 years as a full time teacher (16 years as a full time teacher in a traditional middle school in Wyoming; 4 years as a full time on-line teacher in Idaho. )

Education Philosophy: My philosophy and goal as a teacher is to offer my students outstanding instruction, anchored in high educational standards, in order to help them grow into thriving, independent, and contributing members of society. 

Education: Master's Degree in Literacy from Boise State University

Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Utah State University

Associate Degree in Accounting from L.D.S. Business College

Certification in U.S. History, World History, and Special Education from The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence

Long Term Goals: I plan on achieving another Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Education.

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: I love walking, gardening, reading, watching movies, and being around any and/or all of my 43 nieces and nephews! I live with my 92-year-old mother, and a 21-year-old cockatiel named Queen ElizaBird the Third, who often wraps her wings around my neck to give me hugs.