Ramona (Mona) Jones

Special Education Teacher and Testing Coordinator

Years of Teaching Experience: 19 years

Education Philosophy: Every student can learn given the right circumstance and it is my job to help them find that circumstance. 

Education: Bachelor of Arts, Boise State University, 1996 Elementary Education K/8 Exceptional Child K/12 Continuing Education courses include: Various models of training for students with special needs, Nonviolent crisis intervention training, Specialized curriculum trainings such as: Open Court, Reading Mastery, Star, Syracuse.

Long Term Goals: It is my desire to continue to make online education “work” for at risk students so that they are able to enjoy the same wide range of educational options available to so many others. 

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: I am extremely thankful for God and my family, as they are my greatest interest. They are amazing and their unconditional love provides me with hope, wonder, laughter, and an overall joy. I enjoy playing with my grandchildren, laughing with relatives at family activities, discussing politics with my husband, listening to a wide variety of music and inspirational podcasts, going to the movies with my kids, and settling down in the evening with a bowl of ice cream and one of my shows. If time permits, I enjoy putting together a memory book for future reminiscing.