Ross Jones

Education Philosophy: People need to know!!  My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Bible: Hosea 4:6)

Education: Master of Business Administration, Northwest Nazarene University, 2001; Bachelor of Arts,

Accounting/Finance, 1997; Idaho Real Estate Broker License, 2012 (Agent in 2006)

Long Term Goals:  

·        To continue in my quest to know God and His Word (the Bible), and to help others who desire the same.

·        To provide my family with love, soundness, and stability.

·        To build a business that employs people and endures beyond my involvement.

·        To help in any way that I can in the education of people; so that they are able to seize every opportunity that freedom provides in a nation like ours.

·        To write a book that means something good to others and have it published.

·        To have my name in the movie credits of a decent movie (even if I’m the guy credited with bringing the Director a glass of water).

·        To set foot on 6 out of the 7 continents in this world (2 down, 4 to go :).

·        To explore the Owyhee mountains by foot, horseback and/or raft.

·        To found/build an international institution that provides general and professional education opportunities where they are needed.  Career and Technical Education is a particular interest of mine.

·        To go down at the end of my life professing and/or ministering the good things of God.

Hobbies/Interesting Facts: I have been blessed in my life to be surrounded by good, kind, and stellar people, many of whom know and love God.  I was born to stellar parents, and into a family full of stellar people; I married a stellar woman, and now have two stellar little girls. I credit God for all of the good I have, and for helping me out of all of the trouble I’ve seen.  He is good.  If I could spend all of my time with the stellar people in my life, I would do so; preferably at the movies, because I really like the movies.  Though I really like road trips, hikes, restaurants, and home as well.  So basically anywhere with them is pretty great.  I also like staying up to date with current affairs, reading books, and listening  to good music.  I am a child of the 80’s, and am a sucker for anything that sounds remotely close to Depeche Mode, the Cure, the Smiths, When In Rome, or Modern English.  My brothers are quick to make fun of me for this; however, that’s ok, because they are my closest friends in this life, other than my mom, dad, and my beautiful wife who is an amazingly solid rock-of-a-person who doubles as a funny, kind and patient flower-of-a-woman.