The current ACVS Board of Directors are and can be reached through ACVS:

John Kelleher, Ph.D., Chairman; Dr. Kelleher is an educator of the highest caliber, with over 25 years of experience he brings a wealth of knowledge to ACVS.

 Misty Puckett is a caring and committed community member that is an active and founding member of ACVS.

 Harold Kropp is an active community member that is well versed in a building, working with the city and a variety of needs in the Treasure Valley area.  

 Amanda Popescu LSW, is a community member that brings significant knowledge and great commitment towards the goals of ACVS.

 Kevin McLaren, is highly knowledgeable in finances and media as well as technology, all that promotes ACVS within the community.

ACVS believes as do other school districts that the successful operation of schools requires a close, effective working relationship between the Board and the Administrative Team. As the legally designated governing body, the Board retains final authority within the District. 

Other Board duties shall include:

to act as an advocate for students attending ACVS;
to work with the Administrative Staff and the Commission of Charter Schools to create and maintain the vision, mission and goals for ACVS;
to establish the priorities of ACVS through the approval of the budget;
to monitor in an ongoing manor overall student achievement.

All policies established by the Board of Directors must be consistent with the laws covering public education in the State of Idaho and the United States and must follow guidelines established by the Idaho Legislature and State Board of Education.